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United States

PDX Ballroom Classic

The 2015 PDX Ballroom Classic - National Qualifying Event will be held on January 24, 2015 at the Ballroom Dance Company located at 8900 SW Commercial Street in Tigard, Oregon.

email organizer - Sonja Tilton: with questions or call 541-231-0398

Competitor Package

The age for competition fees is determined by highest age and proficiency level entered, not actual age or proficiency level.

For Preteen, Junior, & Youth Syllabus the entry fee is $40 per person which includes admission for all day/evening and unlimited entries.

For Junior & Youth Open and Adult & Senior at all levels the entry fee is $85 per person; this includes admission to all day/evening and unlimited entries.

Please see the Schedule page at for more information on changes to the pricing structure from last year.

Entry fees received after December 29th, 2014 will be subject to a $25 per person late fee and will not be listed in the program.

Registration is on o2cm. If you cannot register at o2cm please contact Pam Leitch at; 503-756-5616. o2cm will add an additional 3% credit card fee.

Formation Team Entry fee is $90 per event or $20 per person.

Showdance fees are $50 per couple for each event entered.

Spectator tickets will be sold in advance by Board Members and at the door.

Video & Photography

Private photography and videography are allowed; however, unless you are an officially registered photographer, you may take photographs only while sitting in your seat or in a designated area in the ballroom. Please do not obstruct anyone else's view of the dancing. In addition, camera/video lenses that extend 6 inches beyond the base of the camera are not to be used. There will be no photographing or videotaping from the floor, the aisles or walkways. No flash photography is allowed unless you are an official photographer. All pictures/videos are for one's personal use and are not for commercial use or sales. No tripods are allowed. Monopods are allowed as long as no one's view is obstructed.


Parking is limited so please be sure to arrive early.